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Investor Complaints

At Variety Capital, we are committed to dealing with all Investor Complaints reasonably, promptly and impartially


How to make a Complaint


You can make your complaint known to us using the most convenient method of communication for you; either by letter, telephone, email or in person. Should you wish for someone to complain on your behalf, we will need your written permission to enable us to deal with them.


You may raise your complaint with anyone in the firm, or via the details outlined below. Many concerns can be resolved immediately; therefore, in the first instance, it may be more beneficial to speak to your usual relationship contact.

In Writing:

Variety Capital Client Resolution

Office 18, 189 Brompton Road




By Phone:

+44 (0)20 7117 2472

By Email:


If we are unable to resolve your complaint immediately, we will aim to resolve your concerns as soon as possible. You will be issued with an acknowledgment letter and we will keep you informed regarding the progress of your complaint. You will not be charged for any aspect of us handling your complaint.

Please see our Complaints Handling Policy attached here.

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